The distinctive Art Center red sculpture, near the protected wetlands.
The Creative Arts & Music Center, housed in the old Joe Rodgers' farmhouse in Granite Bay.

Creative Arts & Music Center
6210 Douglas Blvd., Granite Bay, CA 95746   (916)791-6407
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The Creative Arts & Music Center is located on 2 ½ pristine acres in the heart of Granite Bay, surrounded by protected wetlands on one side, and the Granite Bay Community Park on the other. Originally the Joe Rodgers’ family ranch, art classes are held in the remodeled farm house, and private music lessons take place in modern rooms in the house and original barn. The shady fenced back yard is filled with natural wood play structures, including swings, playhouses, a teeter-totter and a stage.

Perhaps the Art Center's greatest feature is its ability to become whatever its occupants need it to be: mornings, a charming spot for dreamy preschoolers; late afternoon, older kids arrive for a restorative end to their busy school day--a peaceful art class, a piano or flute lesson. Even later, there are teenage guitar students picking out chords under an oak tree, a drum student clearly audible from somewhere out back, 15-year-olds sketching in the front art room. Later still, adults come in for a painting course, a 40-year-old birthday party or Ladies' Night Out, wine glasses and appetizers amidst the brushes and canvases. On Saturdays, there are glittery children's birthday parties--families happy to be in a home not their own (no cleaning or fussing), but cozy nonetheless, a pinata swinging in that same oak.

If you live in the area, you've undoubtedly driven by and asked yourself: What is that place all about? Click around on our website--or better yet, come by for a tour--
and find out.

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