Creative Arts & Music Center
6210 Douglas Blvd., Granite Bay, CA 95746   (916)791-6407
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Adult Art & Music

                Why let the kids have all the fun????

Adult Parties/Ladies' Night Out
Gather a group of friends for an evening out. Any media and any theme can be chosen. What a unique way to celebrate a birthday or simply the art of friendship. Bring your own drinks and platters of food--or just appetizers and go on to a nearby restaurant for dinner. 

 Cost: $25 per person
 Non-refundable $25 reservation fee

Adult Private Lessons

Monday-Friday, by appointment, evening hours available         
Cost: $45/hour for art; $100/month for French; $132/month for music

All of our teachers welcome adult students. Private lessons are currently available for: Art, French, Piano, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass, Voice, Song-Writing, Drum, Saxophone, Trumpet, Flute & Recorder.

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