Creative Arts & Music Center
6210 Douglas Blvd., Granite Bay, CA 95746   (916)791-6407
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Year-Round Youth Art Classes, Ages 5-7, 8-12

Year-Round Courses
The Year-Round Program can be started any time during the school year or summer.

Fine Arts
Year Round Course
Students attend this class once a week and are introduced to all media, such as: Sketching, Watercolor, Acrylics, Charcoals, Pastels, Clay Sculpture, etc. They will learn different techniques, application of many media, and the tools of the arts. Classes 
are 1 1/2 hours long and are taught by our talented, nurturing teachers. All materials are included. 

Year-Round Class Times:                    Year-Round Tuition:
Tuesday            4-5:30 pm                                       $98/Month
Wednesday      4-5:30 pm                                       Sibling Discount: $86/Month
Thursday           4-5:30 pm  
NEW!! FRIDAY  4-5:30 pm      
Saturday            10-11:30 am                                           


Beginning & Intermediate Drawing (Ages 12 & up)
Year-Round Course
These courses will include exploration of technique, skill and tools using both classical and creative approaches to drawing. Students will learn perspective, contour, gesture drawing, rendering of form, shadow, lighting and shading. Students will work with charcoals, pencils, graphite, ink, pastels and watercolor.

Year-Round Class Times:                 Tuition:  
  6-7:30 pm                             $98/Month
                                                                                Sibling Discount: $86/Month

12-year-old drawing students
Cartooning  (Ages 9-up)
Year Round Course
This fun class teaches students how to create their own cartoon figures and comic strips. Cartoonists will learn to draw with perspective, action and emotion and will be encouraged to use their own wild imaginations.

Year Round Class Times:                                                                                Tuition:
Tuesday 5-6 pm                                                                                                            $88/Month

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