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French Classes & Tutoring

              Along with art and music, exposure to a foreign language offers critical brain development and academic advancement in childhood. Knowing a foreign language also helps prepare children, teens and adults for our global community. And, au fait, it's fun!

French Lessons or Tutoring

Would you like to learn French--or brush up on the language? Struggling with a French class at school (high school or college level) or getting ready for the AP exam? Arrange 30-60 minute private tutoring lessons to fit your schedule. Get help with reading, writing or speaking the language. 

Ages 5-adult
Times can be arranged--contact the front desk
$100-$120/month for 4 30-60 minute private lessons

About Kristin Provencher

Kristin recently returned from a 6-month stay in Paris with her husband, Christian Lejeau, a graphic artist and native Parisian, and their 3-year-old bilingual son, Dyami. Kristin is a working artist, and has taught art classes and workshops for us since 2012. She is fluent in French, both because she speaks it at home and because of her extended visits to the country. She is happy to customize lessons or tutoring sessions--reading, singing, doing art projects, walking around the property, all while immersed in French language.

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